If your children like to listen to their favorite jams on their portable devices, then Bluetooth speakers for kids are worth buying. Most Bluetooth speakers for kids usually boast of a small and lightweight construction, allowing young children to easily carry it around.

Some feature a cute animal design to attract kids, though some are pretty simple in color and style.

In soft, your kids will simply love their Bluetooth speaker, if your purcase the right one. So, that said have a look at the coolest and best Bluetooth speakers for kids around:


1. For Girls:  KILOTOY Portable Unicorn Pet Wireless Speaker

Design: As its name suggests, this wireless pet speaker from KILOTOY features a cute unicorn design that’s ideal for kids and young girls. The speaker boasts of food-grade ABS and BPA-free material with soft silicone, making the speaker drop-resistant and safe for your kids. This durable speaker has a nice size for your kid to handle and it also comes with a drawstring bag for portability.

Performance: While connecting to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0, the speaker offers a pleasant surround sound experience at 3watts RMS power. This unicorn speaker also comes with an adjustable RGB glittering function that helps to set the mood when listening to music. Moreover, it comes with a robust 500mAH battery that can maintain a detailed sound with clear mids and highs for up to 4.5 hours.


The KILOTOY portable unicorn pet speaker is an ideal unit for young girls or any kid who enjoys fairy tales. It doesn’t promise a heart-thumping bass, but the audio performance is exceptional, given its size. Furthermore, this cute unicorn speaker is durable and safe for kids of any age.

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2. For Boys: Xoopar Boy Stereo Speaker

Design: Built in a super cute design that resembles a toy, the Xoopar Boy Stereo speaker is a perfect gift for boys and young kids. It comes with a TF card slot and a hands-free speakerphone for easy operation. Additionally, the speaker comes with a soft LED breathing body light that allows it to create a soothing night mood for a good sleep.

Performance: The Xoopar Boy wireless speaker comes with massive 10watt bass and super clean high-ends. It allows you to connect your media player via Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy up to 8 hours of crisp surround sound performance. The speaker also comes with a built-in 2000mAh Li-polymer battery and it allows you to connect two units for a more detailed sound.


Available in a unique design and a small size, the Xoopar Boy stereo speaker is easy for your kid to carry around. It offers hands-free speakerphone capability and Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring that your kid enjoys a seamless operation. The speaker’s exterior is not fully waterproof, but it can survive water splashes.

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3. For Babies/Most Cuddly: SUMWE Mini Cartoon Bear Speaker

Design: Made in an elegant cartoon bear design with excellent decoration, the SUMWE Mini Cartoon Bear Speaker is ideal for girls and all babies. The speaker construction features an environmentally friendly fabric and it’s filled with 3D PP cotton full of elasticity to prevent it from breeding bacteria. Its modern design allows it to match your kid’s bedroom, reading room or living room.

Performance: Equipped with a 3watt audio driver, the SUMWE Mini Cartoon Bear delivers a powerful sound via Bluetooth or TF card reader. It offers a strong functionality and compatibility, with a 400mAh rechargeable battery that allows you to enjoy 3-5 hours of music playtime. The sound performance is good for its size, but the bass response is a little weak.


If your kid loves bear toys, the SUMWE mini Cartoon Bear Speaker is what you need. It has a limited battery life compared to other speakers on the list, but the overall audio performance is magnificent. Furthermore, it has easy Bluetooth connectivity and it’s built with bacteria-free material for the safety of your child.

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4. For Kids of All Ages: My Audio Pet Mini Animal Speaker

Design: My Audio Pet Mini Animal Speaker comes in an adorable design, suitable for kids of all ages.  The built-in microphone enables the speaker to support speakerphone capability, giving the speaker a good functionality. You can easily use Bluetooth connection to pair the speaker with your tablet, Smartphone and other Bluetooth-enabled MP3 players.

Performance: Featuring true wireless stereo technology, My Audio Pet Animal Speaker delivers an impressive, clear and rich quality sound. The 3watt audio driver gives the speaker a robust bass, clear high-ends and balanced mid-ranges. It also has a robust 500mAh battery that allows you to enjoy an extended playtime.


This adorable mini animal speaker is the world’s most beloved wireless speaker for kids of all ages. It’s acoustically engineered to gives a 3watt stereo sound, outperforming most Bluetooth speaker with an animal design. You may easily underestimate it due to its tiny size, but the speaker’s functionality goes beyond its size.

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5. Most Portable: iBest Lovely Pet Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Design: The iBest lovely pet mini speaker comes in a simple and easy to carry design. Its small package makes it suitable for small kids and anyone else who needs a portable speaker with a nice color and stylish look. The speaker also comes with a pair-function that allows you to connect two units to achieve a dual-channel audio effect.

Performance: While this mini Bluetooth speaker comes in a tiny size, it has high-fidelity audio drivers that give you a 3watt stereo sound. The speaker packs a punchy bass for its size, with zero distortions at high volume. Moreover, the speaker supports Bluetooth calling and selfie function that allows your kid to have more fun while enjoying the music.


Despite its small size, the iBest lovely Pet Bluetooth speaker gives your kids quality sound in a simple and highly portable unit. Though it may not produce a booming sound, it weights about 70g and its small size allows children to fit it anywhere. Furthermore, it boasts of a 400mAh lithium battery that gives you a 4-hour playback.

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6. Water/Dust/Sand Resistant: AOMAIS Emoji Bluetooth Speaker

Design: If your kid has a thing for emojis, then this is the Bluetooth speaker to buy. The AOMAIS Emoji Bluetooth speaker rocks a stylish design and a mini size that fits in your hand effortlessly. It boasts of an IPX4 water-resistant rating, making the speaker dustproof, rainproof, splashproof and sandproof. However, the speaker won’t survive partial or total submersion in water.

Performance:  The speaker allows you to explore a punchy bass and super rich sound experience with 10 watts RMS power. When paired with another speaker, this Emoji Bluetooth speaker allows you to enjoy 20watts of full-range sound. Moreover, the built-in microphone offers a clear sound for hands-free calling.


The Aomais Emoji Bluetooth speaker is a great unit for kids and anyone else who has a thing for emojis. It wont survive water submersion, but it rocks dustproof and splashproof exteriors that makes the speaker durable. It offers a solid audio performance and the inbuilt mic is great for hands-free calling.

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7. Waterproof: Avantree Portable Wireless Speaker for kids

Design: Avantree stands out of the crowd for producing modern and stylish portable speaker designs. This wireless speaker boasts of IPX6 waterproof construction, making the speaker ideal for showers and outdoor use. With a light weight design, the speaker weighs about 200g and also comes with a carrying strap to make it convenient to carry around.

Performance: Despite its small size, it delivers a 3watt premium sound. Thanks to its battery friendly output, the speaker’s inbuilt battery offers up to 10 hours of music playtime at 60% volume level. Furthermore, it has a micro SD card mode that allows you to record or play sound files like kids stories among others.


With a simple and colorful design, the Avantree portable Wireless Speaker is ideal for small kids, as well as teenagers. Its IPX6 waterproof rating makes the speaker ideal for travelling, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. However, the speaker doesn’t support automatic music shuffle when is SD card mode.

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8. Most Durable: OWIN Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Design: COWIN makes durable speakers mostly meant for kids, and this Swimmer Waterproof is among their best work. This mini speaker with RGB LED lights at the top contains five color modes and simple controls. the speaker rocks an IPX7 waterproof design, giving it 100% protection against dust and water. Additionally, this speaker has rubberized rugged exteriors that allows it to survive an impact.

Performance: For a distortion-free audio performance, the COWIN Swimmer Bluetooth speaker comes with a 10watt subwoofer. The speaker’s audio performance is loud enough for your kids audio needs, with a good bass delivered by three passive radiators. Even better, it comes with dual 1200mAH batteries that offers 8-10 hours of continuous music playback.


If your kid loves swimming or playing with water, the COWIN Swimmer Bluetooth speaker is among the best choices. It boasts of an IPX7 waterproof design, allowing the speaker to float on water and also survive splashes and dust. The RGB colors are not super brights, but they add a nice touch to your child’s musical experience.

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9. Coolest/For Teenagers: RAYHIGH Hover Board Bluetooth Speaker

Design: The RAYHIGH Hover Board is a UL 2272 certified self-balancing scooter with Bluetooth speaker. It boasts of a fire-retardant and scratch resistant construction with a matte finish, giving the user great durability and safety. Even better, it comes with a professional acceleration sensor and servo control system that enhances the balance and allows you to get the smoothest ride.

Performance: With 6.5-inch aluminum rubber wheels, the Rayhigh hover board offers a high-quality sound while maintaining a speed of 9.6 mph. It has a 250watt dual motor and an inbuilt Li-ion battery that last for about 4 hours. The battery life isn’t very long, but the hover board can cover up 9 miles on a single charge.


The RAYHIGH Hover Board Bluetooth Speaker is a dream come true for any kid who loves self balancing scooters. It allows your kids to have a smooth ride while enjoying a delightful musical experience via Bluetooth. Moreover, the hover board packs a great battery that allows you to move freely at a top speed of 9.6 mph.

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10. Best Color Changing: UMIWE Study Desk Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

Design: The UMIWE Study Desk Lamp is a digital multifunctional, color changing Bluetooth speaker that lets your kid have fun while studying. This portable speaker comes with a USB charging port, pencil holder, calendar and an alarm clock. Additionally, the LED lights feature an eye-caring diffuser that softens the lights and protects your kid against glare when reading.

Performance: The UMIWE Study Desk Lamp offers your kid a stunning stereo sound with excellent clarity and zero distortion. The speaker can deliver 10watts of RMS power, while the built-in 2000mAh battery can last for several hours. Moreover, this stylish table lamp creates a romantic night light with an adjustable brightness.


The UMIWE Study Desk Lamp is a stylish Bluetooth speaker that adds color and style to your kid’s study room. It offers a stunning stereo sound with no distortions, allowing your kids to have a fun study time. It doesn’t have the loudest sound, but the audio clarity is amazing. Moreover, it has a range of otrher features ideal for both studying and working.

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What To Look For In Bluetooth Speakers For Kids

When it comes to nabbing the best Bluetooth speakers for your kids, it’s important to have a discussion with your kids to know what suits them. Additionally, you will need to consider several other factors before you buying a solid Bluetooth speaker for your child. These factors include:

  • Design – For most kids, the speaker’s aesthetic appeal is the most important feature in any Bluetooth speaker. As such, you need to ensure that the speaker has a great design that will suit your kids taste. That may include bright colors and cute animal shapes like unicorns, panda and bats, depending on what they want.
  • Durability – Just like any other product for kids, you need to ensure that the Bluetooth speaker you choose can outlive your kid’s musical adventure. Waterproof and shockproof speakers are a great choice, as the speaker is bound to drop or get water splashes while your kid is playing.
  • User-friendly – For your kid to have a seamless operation, the Bluetooth speaker needs to be easy to use. The control buttons should be easy to understand and operate, allowing your kids to change tracks, adjust the volume and carry out other supported functions.
  • Performance – Kids not only need a Bluetooth speaker that’s aesthetically appealing, but also efficient.  You may choose a unit with a speakerphone to allow your kids communicate easily with their phones.
  • Price – As most kids don’t take good care of their gadgets, you may need to buy new speakers after a few months. That being the case, the speaker’s price needs to be affordable to allow you buy a new one without breaking the bank.



Benefits Of Bluetooth Speakers For Kids

  • No uncomfortable earplugs
  • Most feature cute designs including animals and other toyish things
  • Some have built-in microphones and so can be used for karaoke
  • Can be used to stream stories or play activities through apps or software
  • Most have cool, flashing lights which keep kids interested
  • Built for children, so they are durable


There You Have It!

There you have it, the best Bluetooth speakers for kids. These speakers are some of the cutest you’ll find anywhere. Moreover, they are very durable and offer a good set for features for their size and price.

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